ah geez

friends only

My livejournal has always been and will always be Friends Only. If you would like to be added for some random reason then comment on this post and i'll most likely add you if you have some of the same intrests as me which are below the cut and in my userinfo.

oh and ya'll should check out pippin_graphics. its my graphics journal where i post icons, headers and sometimes layouts.

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ah geez


hey everyone.
just a quick update to let you know that i'm not gonna be on for a while.
i got my computer taken away for skipping so i wont be on 'till i get my computer bac(whenever that is :( )
i'll try and get on soon.. i'll be good!!!!! i pwomise!!

i'll try and catch up on my flist when i get back so if there is a certain entry you want me to look @ or whatever then just put a link or let me know in a comment so i'll go through and look at it when i get back.

ooo big news before i let my mom drag me away!! i got a boyfriend! and it isnt Jake. hehe i'll tell you all about it when i get back but he's awesome so yay..

mkay bye for now folks!!
im hoping i'll be back soon because LJ withdrawl sucks!!!!!!!
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ah geez

hey all!

wow. ohkay so i've finally decided to post some of my book!!!
today it's just the prolouge but either tomorrow or Monday i'll post chapter one then chapter two etc. my rush problems dont really start until chapter two but you need to read all of it to get it.
so any constructive critisim would be had!

Title:Through The Mists:Beginning
Summary: An attack on her village sends Illana Kent on a hunt for revenge and her father. Her travels lead her into the company of King Arthur and his Knights and she travels to Camelot. In Camelot she faces a Roman Army and something much greater: her father's greatest betrayel.

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that's the shortest part.

in other news:
NEW LAYOUT!...again. :D
American Idol themed towards my fav so far.. new FO Banner too.. featuring none other that Ol' Blue Eyes! woo!

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