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can we forget about the things i said when i was drunk

i didnt mean to call you that

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2 December
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can_we_forget... but you can call me Pippin
i'm a girl who lives in the states. in texas. i was born in england and i cant wait to go back after i graduate next year. actually i'm planning on ireland but i have family there too. anyway. if you want to be my friend please make sure you have some of the same interests as me. my journal is friends only but if you ask i will most likely add you. i also have a graphics journal: pippin_graphics. i love everything english and king arthur. i love to write and hope to become a published author. i dont want to go to college..so get over it

+star wars
+lord of the rings
+high society
+shakespeare in love
+harry potter and the goblet of fire
+chronicles of narnia: the lion the witch and the wardrobe
+king arthur
+muppets from space
+pirates of the carribean
+v for vendetta
+many many others...
+stargate atlantis
+gilmore girls
+teen titans
+justice league/jlu
+family guy
+the simpsons
+two and a half men
+still standing
+will & grace
+that 70's show
+lots of others...
+green day
+good charlotte
+indie rock
+punk rock
+anything rock
+the beatles
+i tend to like songs more than bands...
+hanging with friends
+being a hermit
+talking to people online

+fake people
+high school
+school in general
+doing my hair
+most things girly
+my sister
+cant think of anything else right now...

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